Appearance EditEdit

Clefable appears to be a pink fairy-like Pokémon with brown coloring on top and being completely light pink. It also has small hands and wings enabling it to fly. It also possesses claws on its feet.

Special abilities EditEdit

Clefable has the abilities Cute Charm and Magic Guard along with the hidden ability Unaware. Cute Charm allows the opponent's Pokémon to become infatuated with a 30% chance when they hit Clefable with a physical move while Magic Guard only makes Clefable be affected by attacks instead of Status moves. Unaware ignores the stat changes for a Pokémon.

In the anime EditEdit

[1]Clefable with Clefairy

Clefable appears in Clefairy and the Moon Stone where Clefairies evolved viamoon stones. A Clefable also appeared in A Real Cleffa Hanger in a Mt. Mooncontest. Finally, a Clefable appears in Stage Fight.


Clefable is the final evolution of Cleffa. Clefable evolves from Clefairy when a moonstone is used.

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