This version of the Digital World (デジタルワールド Dejitaru Wārudo?) is the setting for Digimon Adventure,Digimon Adventure 02Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01Digimon WorldDigimon Digital Card BattleDigimon World 2Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode TamerDigimon Adventure 02: Tag TamersDigimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers, the Digimon virtual pet, and the Digimon Collectible Card Game. It is referred to as Digimon World (デジモンワールド Dejimon Wārudo?) in V-Tamer, and is sometimes called DigiWorld in the English dub of Adventureand 02.


 [hide] *1 File Island

File IslandEditEdit

[1]File Island

File Island (ファイル島 Fairu-tou?) is the setting for the original Digital Monstertoy, the Devimon arc of Digimon AdventureDigimon WorldDigimon World Re:Digitize and Decode, and Digimon Crusader. It is located a little off the coast of the Server Continent.

In Digimon Adventure, during Devimon's first attack on the kids, he splits the island into several islets in order to separate them. Evil Shows His Face However, the island is reformed after the Black Gears on each islet are destroyed.[citation needed]

After Apocalymon is defeated, the Digital World begins reformatting, starting with File Island and spreading outward.The Fate of Two Worlds

In Digimon Crusader, Digimon armies from all corners of File Island have been in a perpetual struggle leaving the island in ruins. Unhappy with the state of the world, Ophanimon summons the player – a crusader – to the Digital World to unite the island.[1]

Back DimensionEditEdit

Back Dimension (裏次元 Ura Jigen?) is a dimension created from the leftover memory of Machinedramon inDigimon World.

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Binary CastleEditEdit


Binary Castle (バイナリキャッスル Bainari Kyassuru?) is revered as a holy area in Digimon World Re:Digitize, with arching ceilings and pillars covered with monitors. It's said to be where all the data in File Island is calculated.[2]

MireiAngewomon, and LadyDevimon are in the Binary Castle when TaigaNiko,Akou, and Yuuya receive the e-mail with the Digitize Program.

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Beetle LandEditEdit

Beetle Land (ビートランド Bīto Rando?, lit. "Beet Land") is a breeding area for insect Digimon.

In Digimon Adventure it is where the DigiDestined's Digimon Partners firstdigivolvefrom In-Training to RookieAnd so it begins...

In Digimon World, Beetle Land is a somewhat secret area accessible through fishing Seadramon. Beetle Land houses several insect-type Digimon including TentomonKabuterimon, and Kuwagamon


Beetle Land's Colosseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?).

In Digimon World, it holds an annual tournament on the 22nd of each year, rewarding a Beetle Pearl as first prize. 


Beetle Land's Square (広場 Hiroba?).

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Coela BeachEditEdit

Coela Beach (シーラ岬 Shīra Misaki?, lit. "Coela Cape") is a beach located at the southern tip of Native Forest.

In Digimon Adventure, it is where Agumon first digivolves into Greymon to fight ShellmonThe Birth of Greymon

In Digimon World, Coela Beach is a small sandy beach connected to Native Forest. A wild Coelamon swims in Coela Beach at a certain time of the day, and once he is spotted he assists the player in entering Tropical Jungle. He eventually joins the city and sets up an Item Stand, shared with Betamon. When the Item Shop opens, he relaxes at Centar Clinic


In Digimon World Re:Digitize, the Colosseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) is where Tamers battle each other. It is connected to the Primary Village. It is later updated into the DigiTower (デジタワー DejiTawā?), which has five floors; 1F, 10F, 20F, 30F, and 40F.

One day, Taiga and Niko are logged in the Colosseum and about to battle each other, until an error freezes the game. After the error is fixed, Taiga and Agumon go back to the Colosseum to fight Akiho Rindou and Digitorin, until they are interrupted by BlackWarGreymon X's chase against Angewomon and LadyDevimon, which breaks the Colosseum's wall. Our Routine, Evolving!! Akiho and Digitorin challenge BlackWarGreymon X and Yuuya Kuga, allowing Mirei Mikagura to open an escape route to her Partners, but Digitorin is easily knocked out by the Dragon Man. Niko sends Sashenka to help, and Agumon warp digivolves to WarGreymon and fights Black. During the battle, the Colosseum is suddenly updated into the DigiTower, surprising Yuuya who never heard of plans for such a large update. WarGreymon has a sudden recovery from a fatal injury, and launches an unusaully strong "Gaia Force" that is able to force Yuuya and BlackWarGreymon X to retreat. Draw Back, Go Forward!!

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Taiga fights his final battle against Vitium in the DigiTower. Digimon World Re:Digitize

Dragon's Eye LakeEditEdit

In Digimon Adventure, it is the place where the DigiDestined spend their first night, and the place were Gabumonfirst digivolves into Garurumon to fight SeadramonGarurumon The lake contains a small island which has a derelict streetcar on it.

In Digimon World, Dragon Eye Lake is the only place the player can fish. There are two different spots surrounded by the lake, and they are coined as the north lake and south lake. Several kinds of fishes exist in the lake, including the Digital Anchovy, Digital Snapper, Digital Catfish, Black Trout, and Digital Seabass. The Digital Seabass, along with the Chain Melon, are the only items in the game that adds extra life expectancy. The south lake is famous throughout the game for the "lake guardian": Seadramon. Once the player gets enough information and the Amazing Rod, Seadramon can be caught. Once caught, Seadramon offers a technique, Waterbottle (Seadramon's digivolution item), or friendship. Taking the friendship allows the player to travel to Beetle Land, home to File Island's insect Digimon.

Drill TunnelEditEdit

In Digimon World, Drill Tunnel is an ancient tunnel home to several Digimon. Many Drimogemon dig through the tunnel, often creating a progression in the storyline. One Drimogemon digs a passage to a wild Meramon, who nearly destroys the tunnel. The same passage also acts as a shortcut to Gear Savannah. A different Drimogemon also digs a passage leading to Leomon's sacred tablet, containing information about his ancestors. A third Drimogemon is seen slacking off from the job, and fights the player out of exhaustion. He apologizes and gets back to work. Drill Tunnel is explored a final time when Ogremon settles in as his third base.

Factorial TownEditEdit

A factory were things are built and the then are taken apart again. Andromon is the operator of the factory. WhereTentomon first digivolved into KabuterimonKabuterimon's Electro Shocker

In Digimon World, Factorial Town is a sub-quest area; therefore, it is not necessary to explore it in order to complete the game. It is originally accessible through Whamon's transportation service, however, the gate linking to Gear Savannah opens after the player finishes the events in Factorial Town. The town itself is patrolled by wildGuardromonPlatinumSukamon, and Geremon. In the sewers, a sick Numemon is seen succumbing to the gaseous atmosphere. A wild Giromon is identified as the problem, and once he is defeated Andromon thanks the player and joins the city. Numemon also joins the city after a short fight, seemingly due to amnesia. Giromonhimself joins the city after Andromon does, and creates a jukebox in the restaurant. A wild MetalMamemon is also seen lurking around Factorial Town. He appears rarely, and once defeated he joins Penguinmon in the curling rink.


This area is an icy tundra that is constantly below freezing and where there is almost always snow on the ground. It also contains some boiling hot springs, which serve as excellent spas. There are also randomly placed refrigerators (none of which are powered since the outside temperature is already so cold), some of which contain food such as eggs. It's unclear where exactly the food comes from. Tai and Matt each ended up here after being separated from the others and each other when Devimon split them up. Its landmark is the Ice Sanctuary.

In Digimon World, several Digimon reside in Freezeland, including PenguinmonGarurumonFrigimonWhamon,Mojyamon, and Angemon inside the Ice Sanctuary. Some Digimon infamously get sick when idling in Freezeland for too long, including most Vaccine-type Digimon and all Fresh/In-training Digimon.

Fossil CanyonEditEdit

A deep canyon, home to various Dinosaur Digimon.

Gear SavannahEditEdit

Gear Savannah (ギアサバンナ Gia Saban'na?) is a large, desert-like area which is near Mihirashi Mountain which is an almost endless stretch of grassland, broken up only by an occasional large gear or wayward telephone pole protruding from the ground. The Savannah lies between Mount Mihirashi and the Yokomon Village.

In Digimon World, Gear Savannah is a large plain-like area housing many important Digimon. It is accessed initially from either Mt. Panorama or Drill Tunnel. An Elecmon is seen roaming through the savannah, and will join the city after it shocks you 3 times. A Patamon duels the Protagonist and also joins the city once it's defeated three consecutive times. A wild Biyomon attempts to escape the Protagonist, however, a diversion created by him and his Digimon convinces it to join the city. Once File City gains a prosperity rating of 45 or higher, Leomon can be recruited after the Protagonist finds his ancestor's sacred tablet in Drill Tunnel. A local card and recycling shop is seen west of Gear Savannah, however, it only operates during the first 15 days of each year. 

Geko SwampEditEdit

Geko Swamp (ゲッコー湿地 Gekkō Shicchi?, lit. "Gecko Swamp") is the home of File Island's Gekomon.

In Digimon World, Geko Swamp is a moist area run by many Gekomon. The player must defeat an Otamamon, who only appears 30% of the time. Once defeated, the player is brought to Volume Villa, where ShogunGekomonresides. ShogunGekomon enables you to travel the Misty Trees safely, and offers merit points for your cards. These merit points can be spent on a variety of rare items, including stat chips and digivolution items. 

Great CanyonEditEdit

Great Canyon (グレートキャニオン Gurēto Kyanion?) is a canyon.

In Digimon AdventureIzzyTentomonMimi, and Palmon end up here after being separated from the others byDevimon. Its landmark is the Temple of the Digivice, where a Centarumon resides. The temple is ancient, and filled with mazes, ancient writings, and booby-traps. A Clue From The Digi-Past

Just before Apocalymon's appearance in "Now Apocalymon", Gennai referred to the aforementioned "Temple of the Digivice" as the "Dino" or "Deeno Runes". 

Infinity MountainEditEdit

Infinity Mountain (ムゲンマウンテン Mugen Maunten?), known as "Montanha Mugen" (Por: Mugen Mountain) in the Brazilian dub, the central point of the island, few Digimon live on it. It is one of the largest and tallest mountains in the Digital World. Its peak is well above the cloud line, and is constantly covered in snow.

In Digimon AdventureDevimon took residence on the mountain top, after he found the Black Gears within it. The first DigiDestined visit marked Gomamon's first digivolution into IkkakumonIkkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo The second visit, when the DigiDestined fought Devimon, marked Angemon's first appearance and Devimon's defeat. The mountain is also home to a Unimon that assists the DigiDestined in the fight against the Dark MastersPiedmon's Last Jest

In Digimon World, Infinity Mountain is labeled Mt. Infinity. The passage to Mt. Infinity opens after a prosperity rating of 50 or higher. There are four bosses in Mt. Infinity: DevimonMegadramonMetalGreymon, and Machinedramon. Once Mt. Infinity is cleared once, the player can run through it a second time in order to face Digitamamon

Mihirashi MountainEditEdit

Mihirashi Mountain is a dormant volcano which has a Yokomon Village at its base. It is the setting for "Biyomon Gets Firepower".

Across the Gear Savannah from the Yokomon Village is a mountain that's a source of the village's water. AMeramon lives there. The mountain is actually a volcano, whose warm temperatures heat up the village's water supply to near boiling before it flows down to the village. The high temperatures help kill off germs in the water, and make it safe to drink.

Misty TreesEditEdit

Misty Trees is an area in Digimon World, connected between Toy Town, Freezeland, and Geko Swamp. It is surrounded by a very thick fog, and the player cannot travel through without ShogunGekomon's spell. Misty Trees is home to several prominent Digimon, including GabumonCherrymon, and Kokatorimon. The Cherrymon in Misty Trees eventually gets rid of the fog, and offers specialized training in the Brains stat.

Native ForestEditEdit

Native Forest (迷わずの森 Mayowazu no Mori?, lit. "Wavering Forest") is a source of greenery on File Island.

In Digimon Adventure, it serves as the ideal place for Devimon's trap. The place is sometimes known for weakening Light aligned Digimon.[citation needed]

In Digimon World, it surrounds File City, and is the first place the Protagonist explores. It is home to a wild Agumon,PalmonKunemonEtemon, and Ninjamon. Scattered throughout the forests are food items such as Digital Mushrooms and Blue Apples, aswell as enemies including DokunemonGoblimonModokiBetamon, andRedVegiemon


A massive cemetery, home to the Bakemon. Joe and Sora ended up here after being separated from the others byDevimon.

In Digimon World, Overdell is connected to the Tropical Jungle and Great Canyon. The cemetery itself contains Gray Lord's Mansion, one of the few dungeon like areas in the game. Bakemon also lurks Overdell, and will join the city after a short conversation. In Gray Lord's Mansion, Myotismon runs a research project centering around unique Digivolution. His experiment, SkullGreymon, can also be found in Gray Lord's Mansion. Gray Lord's Mansion is also one of the three possible settings for the Back Dimension.

Primary VillageEditEdit

Primary Village (はじまりの街 Hajimari no Machi?, lit. "Village of Beginnings") is a town at the base of Infinity Mountain.

In Digimon Adventure, it is where the Digi-Eggs of all deceased Digimon reappear. It is composed of various nursery toys—for example, the ground is elastic. It is guarded by Elecmon.

The landscape here consists of large green fields, huge stuffed building blocks the size of buildings, trees with toys and stuffed animals hanging from their branches, and large, soft, spongy, hills that are fun to bounce on. T.K. ended up here after being seperated from the others by DevimonDigiBaby Boom

When the Dark Masters reformed the Digital World into Spiral Mountain, their evil tainted Primary Village, and no new Digimon were born. After Apocalymon was defeated, a hail of the Digi-Eggs of all of the Dark Masters' victims rained down on the village. The Fate of Two Worlds

Wormmon was reborn here after he sacrificed himself to help Magnamon destroy KimeramonGenesis of Evil

In Digimon World, Primary Village is named "File City". It is a sprawling metropolis and one of the few civilized areas on File Island. File City acts as the primary in Digimon World, and is run by Jijimon. In the beginning, File City is uninhabited and secluded, but the city flourishes as the player recruits once-feral Digimon. As the city's prosperity increases, it becomes the home to several attractions, including an item shop, arena tournament, clinic, restaurant, bank, and transportation service.

In Digimon World Re:DigitizeTaiga and Agumon arrive at Primary Village after defeating a blackened Gabumon.

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Railroad PlainsEditEdit


Railroad Plains (鉄路の平原 Tetsuro no Heigen?) is the plains at the southern of File Island.

In Digimon World Re:Digitize, it is the place where Taiga first arrived and metAgumon, and where attacked by a blackened Gabumon.

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The sewers lead from the Factorial Town to the vending machine field. File Island's Numemon live in the sewers due to their preference to dark and wet spaces.

Toy TownEditEdit

Toy Town is a European-looking village where abandoned toys reside. It is guarded by Monzaemon who takes care of broken toys. It is the setting for "Togemon in Toy Town".

Toy Town is a stage in Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Tropical JungleEditEdit

The place where the DigiDestined first arrived. Mimi ended up here again after being separated from the others byDevimon. The jungle, in addition to being home to a wide variety of plant life, also has a large number of erratically placed street and traffic signs. Some of the trees are actually hollow, and serve as camouflaged shelters for Digimon who are seeking to avoid attacks. 

Vending Machine FieldEditEdit

A field of erratically placed vending machines, none of which actually work or contain any food or beverages. The machines are nothing more than hollow shells. Numemon often like to hide inside the machines during the day, since it is close to the sewers and the jungle, and act as dark shelters to take refuge in. 

Yokomon VillageEditEdit

Nearby to Mount Mihirashi, the home of Meramon. Where Biyomon first digivolvesinto Birdramon. The village sits next to a large lake, where a half-sunken cruise liner can be seen protruding from the waters. In times of crisis or attack, the Yokomon seek shelter in the ship. The Yokomon live inside small thatched huts. The village is renowned for its wells of clean and healthy drinking water. Biyomon Gets Firepower

Server ContinentEditEdit

[10]The Server Continent as seen from Izzy's laptop

The Server Continent was the setting for the Etemon and Myotismon arcs ofDigimon Adventure, as well as most of Digimon Adventure 02. Server is one of the largest continents of the Digital World, and has two distinct regions, a large desert and a forest.


A Roman-style Colosseum with a soccer field in the center. This is where Joefound his Crest of Reliability and where Agumon dark digivolved intoSkullGreymon. SkullGreymon managed to trash the Colosseum pretty spectacularly as he killed Etemon's evil Greymon and defeated theDigiDestineds' partner digimon.


Located near the coast on Server, logically by the shore closest to File Island, is a desert that was once controlled by an Etemon. Etemon's Dark Network runs the entirety of the desert via a system of cables, and helps Etemon maintain control of it. The Colosseum is located in this desert, and is one of many structures and areas in the desert controlled by the Etemon or his underlings. Somewhere in the desert is located an upside-down pyramid, that seems to serve as the Etemon's home base. This pyramid also houses an imprisoned Datamon, an enemy of Etemon who was forced to become Etemon's webmaster. When Datamon forced the bulk of Etemon's Dark Network to become unstable and grow uncontrollably, Etemon was fused to it and the pyramid was completely destroyed. Like the pyramid, most of the structures in Etemon's desert were either destroyed or suffered some form of major damage, mainly due to the Chosen Children running amok.

Cruise ShipEditEdit

Controlled by a Kokatorimon under Etemon, this mobile area serves as a set of covert eyes and ears for Etemon. The crew consists of many Numemon governed by Kokatorimon. It was accidentally destroyed by Kokatorimon in an attempt to slaughter the Digidestined and their Digimon.

Digitamamon's DinerEditEdit

A Digitamamon and a Vegiemon run this diner. After Joe and Gomamon get separated from the main group, they have a meal at the diner, but are unable to pay when they are informed the diner doesn't take Digital currency, but actually Earth currency (American dollars rather than Japanese yen, in the original version). Joe and Gomamon were there forced to work at the diner in order to pay off their debt. However, DemiDevimon kept sabotaging their efforts and causing accidents, forcing them to stay in a continuous state of servitude to pay the debt. They were eventually rescued by Matt and Gabumon, who convinced Digitamamon and Vegiemon to let them go. When they returned to the diner later in the Adventure series, a town had sprouted up around the diner, but had been abandoned when the forces of the Dark Masters attacked it.

Three years later, the new DigiDestined (Davis, Yolei, and Cody) along with Kari and T.K., also ate at the diner, and had a similar incident to the one Joe and Gomamon experienced in which they were unable to pay the bill (the diner had switched back to Digital currency, and they only had Earth money to pay with). Digitamamon once again threatened to have the group work off their debt, but Mimi and a DigiDestined from America, Michael, who had been in the area with his Partner, Betamon, convinced Digitamamon to let them go and to be kinder to customers in the future. Digitamamon later opens a noodle shop in Digi-China Town with a Tapirmon. Stone Soup

Koromon VillageEditEdit

The Pagumon employed by Etemon's Gazimon took over the village and enslaved the resident Koromon in an attempt to trick the DigiDestined into believing that the Koromon had left the town and the Pagumon had moved in. After trying to appear friendly, the Pagumon kidnapped T.K.'s Partner, who was in Tokomon form at the time, and cage him up with the town's Koromon in a cave behind a nearby waterfall. Tokomon and the Koromon were eventually rescued by the others, and Tai found his Crest of Courage on one of the cave's walls. The town is also renowned for its spas and hot springs, making it an ideal vacation spot for both humans and Digimon.

Piximon's HomeEditEdit

Camouflaged with Piximon's magic in the desert, this is where Piximon trained the DigiDestined after rescuing them from a Kuwagamon. It is where Matt and Izzy find the Crests of Friendship and Knowledge.

ShogunGekomon's CastleEditEdit

A ShogunGekomon lives here and so do his Gekomon and Otamamon servants. It was destroyed during the Dark Masters' invasion.

Vademon's UniverseEditEdit

Somewhere outside of Etemon's desert is the entrance to a mysterious galaxy, or maybe even a whole universe, created by a Vademon. It is logical that this universe is some sort of pocket dimension as it seems to be located underground on a unnamed mountain. The entrance to Vademon's universe is guarded by many signs that warn of various kinds of sludge(or poop, in the Japanese version) related traps. Izzy and Tentomon manage to find themselves trapped in Vademon's universe. While the universe is vast, it seems to be less realistic or not bound by all the rules of a normal universe, as the planets seem smaller and easier to blow up, as demonstrated byMegaKabuterimon's Horn Buster attack. Vademon's universe also contains a small thrift store or junk shop with a wooden door leading to the universe. For some reason, Vademon finds poop to be a delectable delicacy.

The Amusement ParkEditEdit

An abandoned amusement park that sits next to a lake and forested area. It includes a ferris wheel, roller coasters, carnival rides, and game booths. Even though it has fallen into disuse, the rides are still operational. TK and Patamon first encountered DemiDevimon here. Some Mushrooms of Forgetfulness grow there.

The CastleEditEdit

Used by Myotismon in Digimon Adventure, it was where the DigiDestined's Digimon were created as Digi-Eggs with the help of Gennai and his kind. Piedmon seized the castle with an army of Guardromon and Mekanorimon while attempting to destroy the Digi-Eggs, but Gennai was able to take the eggs and escape. The castle was relented to Myotismon later. The castle sits atop a steep mountain and looks European in design, but seems to defy the laws of physics on the inside. Gravity seems to be undefined, and it is possible to walk on walls and ceilings, and the castle appears to be the merging point for multiple dimensions in time and space. Myotismon used the castle as a training center for his invasion forces before they left for Earth. The castle also contains a large set of doors which act as a portal between the Digital World and multiple other dimensions, including Earth's. The doors are accesed by a keypad that uses Digimon cards placed in certain positions and in a certain order over the keypad to determine which dimension the door accesses. Myotismon and his forces went through the doors to invade Earth, and the DigiDestined later followed.

The PyramidEditEdit

An upside down pyramid, resembling an inverted version of the Great Pyramids of Egypt which served as Etemon's base. Datamon was held captive there. Though it looks ancient on the outside, it is technologically complex inside, and was the center of Etemon's digital network, as well as a large number of advanced science and medical labs. The pyramid has an advanced security systems of cameras, lasers, and even force shields. The Pyramid was destroyed by a warp in dimensional space that temporarily sent Tai from the Digital World to Earth. It also holds a secret room, where Datamon was holding Sora and Biyomon hostage.

Giga HouseEditEdit

A giant house, large enough that the DigiDestined were comparably the size of insects. Everything within is proportionally large. Appropriately, the house is swarming with human-sized insectoid Digimon. It is here that the cast of Digimon Adventure 02 encounters Arukenimon and Mummymon for the first time.

Rail TownEditEdit

Not much of a town per say, but Rail Town is a vast grassy area covered in Railroad tracks. The tracks are both used for trains and carts propelled by the wind with a sail. After Agumon gets captured by the Digimon Emperor the group heads off to look for him. He escapes on a train and they later travel on one of the carts to chase after Ken. They head south on the tracks and the land goes from grassland to a rocky area with no vegetation. The farther they travel, the more cliffs and mountains appear in the area and the Digi-Egg of Friendship is soon found.

Valley of No ReturnEditEdit

A grey, lifeless, desert area composed of sand and mountains. The Digimon Emperor captured the Digidestined (minus Davis) and sent them to a dark world below the desert. This was where the DigiDestined discovered the identity of the Digimon Emperor. A Deltamon strong enough to crush mountains lives in this area.

Folder ContinentEditEdit

The Folder Continent (フォルダ大陸 Foruda Tairiku?) is the setting for the Digimon Pendulum V-Pet and theDigimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 manga.

Demon CastleEditEdit

Demon Castle (デーモン城 Dēmon-jou?) is the main base for Lord Daemon and his army of evil Digimon. AfterArkadimon absorbs him, it becomes Neo Saiba's base. It is claimed that it was once the abode of the Digital World's God.

It contains the main throne-room, a chamber where Arkadimon's egg was watched over, a medical/science room, and several quarters.

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Dragon's ValleyEditEdit

Dragon's Valley is a rocky valley presided over by a waterfall. It is the hiding place of the Tag of Earth, which is guarded by Lord Triceramon.

Holy Angel CastleEditEdit

[{nihongo|Holy Angel Castle|ホーリーエンジェル城|Hōrī Enjeru-jou}} is the main base for Lord MagnaAngemon and his army of good Digimon.

It contains the main throne-room as well as a Medical Ward containing an ICU (集中治療室?).

The Holy Angel Castle is the subject of a card: Bo-24v.


Hospitown (ホスピタウン Hosupitaun?) is a hospital-centric city near the Tree that caters to injured Digimon. It includes Dr. Jijimon's Digimon Hospital, where Zeromaru goes to heal after his fight with Ghoulmon.

Metal FactoryEditEdit

Metal Factory is an abandoned factory where Digimon can go to make themselves more powerful by upgrading with cyborg implants. It was shut down by Lord HolyAngemon, but reopened by Lord Daemon for the use of his army. It is the hiding place of the Tag of Iron, which is guarded by MetalGreymon.

Netsurf VillageEditEdit

Netsurf Village is a town lying by the Net Ocean that surrounds the continent of Folder.

Nightmare CastleEditEdit

Nightmare Castle is a desolate wasteland where Lord Myotismon rules from an illusory castle.

Star CityEditEdit

Star City, the "City where Stars come to visit!", is a small city led by Starmon.


Directory ContinentEditEdit


Digital CityEdit

Digital City (デジタル・シティ Dejitaru Shiti?) is the home city of Akira, and the location of the Blue FalconsGold Hawks, and Black Swords headquarters.

Blue Falcons HeadquartersEdit
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Gold Hawks HeadquartersEdit
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Black Swords HeadquartersEdit
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Tamer's ClubEdit
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Main GateEdit
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Shuttle Port Archive Port


Meditation Dome Device Dome


Boot DomainEdit

Boot Domain (ブート・ホール Būto Hōru?, lit. "Boot Hole") is a Domain ruled by Leomon.

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SCSI DomainEdit

SCSI Domain (シリアル・ホール Shiriaru Hōru?, lit. "Serial Hole") is a Domain ruled by Hagurumon.

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Ram DomainEdit
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Laser DomainEdit
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Bug DomainEdit
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DVD DomainEdit
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Drive DomainEdit
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Web DomainEdit
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Video DomainEdit
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Code DomainEdit
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Modem DomainEdit
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Terra DomainEdit
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BIOs DomainEdit
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Disk DomainEdit
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WWW ContinentEditEdit

The WWW Continent (WWW大陸 WWW Tairiku?) is inhabited by Ogudomon.[citation needed]

Spiral MountainEditEdit

Spiral Mountain was the centre of the Digital World after being taken over by the Dark Masters. The mountain consisted of four areas (the ocean, the forest, the city, and a dark wasteland) intertwining like a rope, with the Dark Masters' castle at the peak. MetalSeadramon ruled the ocean, Puppetmon ruled the forest, Machinedramon ruled the city, and Piedmon had control over the dark wasteland. When each Dark Master was defeated, its respective area disappeared from the mountain.


Composed of the ocean and ruled by MetalSeadramon. This is the first area they stumbled on after their escape from the Dark Masters through the help of Piximon. It was here where they ran into the same Shellmon that Greymon fought, met Whamon again, and defeated MetalSeadramon. Upon MetalSeadramon's destruction by WarGreymon, the Net Ocean vanished.

While the majority of the bodies of water in the Digital World composed together to create MetalSeadramon's ocean, some smaller bodies remained exempt, one instance being the body of water surrounding the "Manhattan" part of Machinedramon's City(ies).


Composed of forests and ruled by Puppetmon. In the middle of the forest is a house belonging to Puppetmon where Floramon and Deramon also reside. In that house, Puppetmon controls the forest like moving a section of the forest at will. This is where T.K. tricked Puppetmon and where Tai and Matt fought. After Puppetmon's destruction by MetalGarurumon, it also vanished.


Composed of abandoned buildings and contains some of the world's greatest marvels like the Statue of Liberty and the Colosseum, it is the only civilized part of Spiral Mountain and ruled by Machinedramon. It was here where Kari got sick and where they found Andromon. The city also vanished upon Machinedramon being killed by WarGreymon.

Machinedramon City is located in this area, and, in fact, may be this area.

Dark WastelandEditEdit

Composed of a barren wasteland covered in darkness and ruled by Piedmon. It is here where Angewomon fought LadyDevimon, the reunion of the DigiDestined, and where Angemon finally digivolved to his Ultimate form. This area finally vanished after MagnaAngemon sent Piedmon into the Gate of Destiny in the manga where he was blasted into their by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon in the anime. Upon the Dark Area's destruction, Spiral Mountain disappeared and marked the end of the Dark Masters.

Wall of FireEditEdit

The Wall of Fire is a mysterious anomaly that hindered Apocalymon's entrance to the Digital World. He did pass through the Wall, at an unknown time, and his appearance warped the time and spacial relationships between the Real and Digital world's, and caused time in the Digital world to pass by much faster. His second appearance caused the worlds' times to align, and his destruction prevented an event like that from occurring again. It is unknown the Wall of Fire's origin and purpose, and it may be that it only existed to hinder Apocalymon. Whatever the reason, it is unknown to where the other side of the Wall leads.

Forest of the GodsEditEdit

The Forest of the Gods (神の森 Kami no Mori?) has recently been announced by Bandai.[citation needed] Not much is known about it.

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The Net Ocean (ネットの海ネットオーシャン Netto no UmiNetto Ōshan?) is a large body of water that surrounds the Digital World. It is the birthplace of Digimon, and AncientMermaimon is its guardian goddess, ruling the whole of it and able to handle all water, such as the ocean currents and tidal waves, as if they were its own limbs.[3] It consists of a range of biomes,[4][5] and is inhabited by various aquatic Digimon.[6][7][4][5][8][9] Some aquatic Digimon were discovered in it.[10][11][12][13] It is where Crabmon dissolved metal data and stuck it to its body, rapidly enhancing its combat ability,[14] and its bottom is the source of Octomon's Digi-Treasure.[15]

In Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, it was originally protected by Lord Whamon, but after his death that mantle was taken by the IkkakumonGon. The Net Ocean is the hiding place of the Deep Savers Tag, guarded by theMarineDevimon Lord Marine.

Royal BaseEditEdit

The Royal Base (ローヤルベース Rōyaru Bēsu?) is a mysterious, aerial, covert honey base, inhabited byFanBeemonWaspmonCannonBeemon, and TigerVespamon. As an aerial base, it is exposed to danger from every direction, so Waspmon serve as the guards, constantly patrolling the vicinity on the lookout for approaching Digimon and swooping down on any that do,[16] while CannonBeemon serve as the long-range lookout, using the vast range of their arms containers to cover the entire surrounding area.[17] The elite Vespamon also defend the base, and the Vespamon in the top 0.08% are inducted into the covert honey corps, "Royal Commando" and awarded a codename.[18] The FanBeemon are the workers of the base, and since the base is always under construction, they have the duty of carrying home data left on fields of flowers or other vegetation, little by little, to use as raw materials. However, because the base is defended by the Waspmon, CannonBeemon, and Vespamon, making it impossible to approach, the goal of that construction is a mystery at present.[19]

Dark AreaEditEdit

Main article: Dark Area

Computer NetworkEditEdit

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The eastern Digital World (デジタルワールドの東方 Dejitaru Wārudo no Touhou?) is a region where there are still many mysteries.[20][21] Shakamon is the one that has protected it since ancient times.[22]

Golden LandEditEdit

The Golden Land (黄金郷 Ougonkyou?) is said to be protected by multiple sacred barriers. Yatagaramon andCrowmon are told to be the Digimon who guide the chosen to the "Golden Land", and although it is said that with their guidance the barriers will be released, traditionally, only those who surmount the "Threefold Trials" submitted by them will finally arrive at the "Golden Land", and it is told that those who were not able to endure the trials are dispatched to the Dark Area.[20][21]


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