Tobias Latios 1

Tobias' Latios was a legendary Pokémon owned by Tobias.


It is unknown when or where Tobias encountered Latios although it can be speculated that he used Darkrai to catch him because of Darkrai's type advantage. However this is unconfirmed and it is possible that Tobias might have caught Latios before Darkrai.

Latios was Tobias' second Pokémon during his battle with Ash, after Ash's Sceptile defeated Darkrai. Latios easily defeated Sceptile with Giga Impact, overpowering Leaf Blade and then battled Swellow. Swellow was unable to land a single blow on Latios and was defeated by a single Luster Purge. Ash then sent out Pikachu to battle the legendary Pokémon. At first Pikachu wasn't able to do much damage to Latios with the Eon Pokémon overwhelming Volt TackleQuick Attack and Iron Tail using Giga Impact, which due to Latios' greater size and weight, was able to overpower all three attacks. Realizing that raw power wasn't enough to defeat Latios, Ash changed tactic and had Pikachu jump onto the Eon Pokémon's back and hit it with several close range Thunderbolts. Latios used Light Screen and then threw Pikachu off and tried to finish it with its signature move Luster Purge. However Pikachu countered with a combination of Volt Tackle and Iron Tail which he used to charge straight into Latios' attack, resulted in a massive explosion which knocked out both Pokémon.

Known movesEditEdit

Move Episode


Luster Purge The Semi-Final Frontier!
Giga Impact The Semi-Final Frontier!
Light Screen The Semi-Final Frontier!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*

- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • Despite using Giga Impact several times during his battle with Ash's Pokémon, Latios never appeared to need to recharge after using the attack.

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