♪ Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

I'm unbeatable

Walking down this endless highway  With nothing but my friends beside me  We'll never give in, we'll never rest  Advanced Battle is the ultimate test

From the earth, the land, the sea and sky  They can never win, but they sure can try

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh  I'm unbeatable  Pokémon

(Advanced Battle!)

Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh  I'm undefeatable  From the stars and the ancient past  They come to play, but they'll never last

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh  I'm unbeatable  Pokémon (Advanced Battle!)

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh  I'm undefeatable

Oh oh oh

(Advanced Battle!)

I'm unbeatable

Pokémon ♪

Tittle: "Pokemon and Digimon Advanced Battle"

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