Vileplume Anime

Appearance EditEdit

Vileplume is purple in color with red eyes and short limbs. There is also a rafflesia on its head, which is a type of flower known to have a putrid smell.

Special abilities EditEdit

Vileplume has the ability ChlorophyllChlorophyll allows Vileplume's Speed to rise when the sun is strong. Vileplume are known for their large flower. The flower releases a large amount of pollen in the air when it is flapped. The flapping of the flower can be very loud at times.

Evolution EditEdit

Vileplume is one of two evolved forms of GloomGloom evolves into a Vileplume with the use of a Leaf Stone.

Anime Appearance EditEdit


Vileplume first made its debut in Holy Matrimony under the ownership of Jessiebelle.

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